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Important Notice!

Important Notice!

by Spencer Cummins -
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Dear Student,


We have recently been made aware of issues regarding behaviour displayed by HRC students travelling home on the 310 Arriva bus. Previously we have had transport services cancelled because of behavioural issues, so please be conscious of how your actions affect not only yourself but others also.


There have also been separate incidences of students speeding in the HRC car park - the speed limit for the car park is set to 5 MPH for your safety and also to regulate unreasonable behaviour.

Students who are caught speeding or carrying out dangerous driving will be banned from the car park and will also face disciplinary action.

Tailgating is NOT permitted and may cause damage to your car, the college will take no responsibility for this.

CCTV is in operation at all times, If you have not registered your car you will NOT be allowed to park on campus and will be asked to remove your car until you have registered your car at reception.


Please be aware, we expect all students to follow the behavioural codes of conduct (BRAVO) and any students identified to be acting inappropriately will be dealt with accordingly.


We take these reports very seriously, so please remind yourself of our behavioural code of conduct which can be found on the back of your Student ID card.