About the new Moodle system (for STAFF)

Need to view in-depth guides on the essential features of Moodle? Click here to view our 'Making the Most of Moodle' course.


Key Information

  • This is our current live system. Looking for the old Moodle? Click here

  • New to Moodle and having trouble logging in? Check out this page.

  • Staff need to be enrolled on their courses as 'Teachers'. Curriculum managers are enrolled on all their subject area's courses so that they can enrol the relevant staff. Teachers can also enrol each-other as teachers if they are enrolled themselves. See here for Instructions.
  • Student enrolment onto Moodle courses is automatic.
    Help! My students can't see their course! You just need to make it visible like so:
    Go into the Moodle course and click Edit Settings (under Course Administration) then change the Visible setting from Hide to Show.


Building your Moodle courses

  • In Moodle 2, you can drag and drop files from your computer straight onto a course page (instructions).
    Important: Versions of Internet Explorer older than IE10 do not support the drag & drop feature! If your computer has not yet had its browser upgraded, you can download a 'portable' version of Google Chrome which does not need to be installed, to use in the interim. Download this file and follow the instructions inside to run Chrome portable.

  • Moodle 2 courses are created empty. Content from previous years' courses is not copied over automatically.

  • The old Moodle (2013-14) will remain available as normal. Content, including student work, will not be deleted.
    Looking for a way to bring some of your files across from the old Moodle?
  • Moodle activities cannot be transferred from the old system in this way. However, if you have spent a long time developing an activity which you can't afford to rebuild, please contact the e-learning team (elearning@hrc.ac.uk) and we'll do our best to find a prompt solution.


In-depth staff guides to Moodle at HRC are available here
Want to know more? Visit the official Moodle Docs site to get information about any element of Moodle
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