How do I log into College computers / Moodle?

You login to Moodle with the same details you use to login to college computers.

What is my username and password?



Your Username is your student number, as displayed on your ID card, e.g. 32563

Your initial password is a number followed by your first name and then another number. E.g. 2JOHN3

You will be directed to change your password when logging into a College computer for the first time. You will not be able to login to Moodle until you have changed your password on a college PC.

This new password must be at least 8 characters long. It must be changed every 120 days and it must be different to your previous passwords.

If you forget your College password...
If you're at College: Staff in the main Learning Centre can change it for you temporarily (provided you have a valid College ID card). You will then have to login to a college PC and set yourself a new password.

If you're outside College: please ring one of the Learning Centres and an LC Assistant will reset your password so that it is active immediately (ie you will *not* have to wait until you are back at College to use it).

01992 411565 (Broxbourne)  8.30 - 5pm but open till 7.30pm Monday and Wednesday

or 01992 411979 (Ware) 8.30 - 5pm but open till 7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday 


If you forget your College Username and/or password, please contact the Helpdesk.


STAFF who are also STUDENTS
When you login to Moodle as a member of staff you will not be able to access the course upon which you are a student.  You must use your student account (see the Student information above).

What about other systems?

Office365 - Here you use your college email address. This is your normal username followed by Your password is the same one that you use to access a college computer or Moodle.

BKSB - Here you use your normal username. However, your password is different. The first time you access BKSB, you will need to enter 'password' as your password. You will then be instructed to create a new one which only you know.

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