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Here's a video overview of HRC Moodle for students:

Moodle is designed to work in modern browsers and SMARTphones.
If you're
using Moodle from outside HRC, the minimum browser versions are: Internet Explorer - 10+ | Chrome - latest version | Firefox - latest version | Safari - 6.0 (requires OSX 10.7) |

Moodle is the student homepage at Hertford Regional College.

Moodle is the place to go for:

  • College news
  • College Guides and Policies
  • Access to your Office 365 account (see the Office 365 info page for more information).
  • Information about the services available to you as a member of the College
  • Access to your Individual Learning Plan (ILP link on homepage)

It's your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)...

A 'VLE' is basically a web site containing lots of separate 'course' web sites where tutors can upload handouts, news, useful links (and more) for the students on those individual courses to look at or download. On some courses you will also be expected to upload assignments and take part in discussions or other online activities, as requested by your tutors.

Talk to your tutor about how they expect you to use Moodle for collaborative and independent learning whilst you are on your course.

It's 24/7

Moodle is available 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world, via 'Student Links' on the HRC web site at www.hrc.ac.uk, or access it directly at https://vle.hrc.ac.uk 

We know we can make Moodle better...

Are you interested in helping us to improve Moodle? If so, please leave some feedback

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