How do I log into Office 365?

Use your student email address. This is your usual College student ID number followed by (e.g.

Your password is the normal password you log onto College PCs or Moodle with.


...Or go to your Office365 homepage.


How do i forward my college emails to my personal email address?

What do I need to know about Office 365?

All current students have an Office 365 account. That means you get:

  • Online Email (Outlook)
  • Online Storage (OneDrive) - you can store a whopping terabyte of files in the cloud!
  • Online Office - Create and edit Word and other Office files from OneDrive
  • Free apps for your smartphone!
  • Free full versions of Office software to download on your home PC!

I use a Mac. Can I still get Office for free?

Yes, you can download Office 2016 for Mac from home onto your own Mac from your Office 365 home page.

Last modified: Thursday, 19 March 2020, 12:30 PM