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How much do you know about BREXIT?

How much do you know about BREXIT?

by Adam Udall -
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“Brexit” is the term that the media are using to refer to the upcoming vote on whether Britain should leave the European Union. Britain has been a member of the European Union since 1973, and is one of 28 member countries. 

The European Union is a political union of most (but not all) of the countries in Europe. There are 28 countries (called 'member states') within it, and they combined make up 7.3% of the world's population, or about 510 million people. The idea behind the EU, and the point of having it, is that if all the different nations can agree on using the same rules for certain things (for example, trade rules), then they will all benefit from it, and become stronger as one. 

The aim of the EU is to bring peace, stability and prosperity, promoting human rights, and help raise living standards for all its members. The reason the issue of Britain's membership is considered so important (or what is called a "hot button" issue) is because not everyone feels it is working out that way for Britain.

It’s important that you keep yourself informed about both viewpoints, as this decision will affect us all.

Whether you already have an opinion or not, please make sure you check out the information on the Brexit page here!