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Learning Centre (LC) - 'Book of the Week'

Learning Centre (LC) - 'Book of the Week'

by Richard Scott -
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Dyslexia and the iPad (First Edition) is about dyslexia and how the iPad can help you cope with school, work and life. Dyslexia affects one's ability to read, write, learn foreign languages, and remember phone numbers and names. The iPad is a great source of support for individuals with dyslexia. You will learn how the iPad can help you access millions of e-books which can then be read aloud to you. You will learn some tricks to make writing easier. Additionally, there are a number of apps which are helpful and fun for those with dyslexia. Do not let dyslexia defeat you. The iPad can help you achieve many goals. The first edition is written in a more personal style. This is the first edition. Look for the second edition, the second edition discusses reading in depth and suggests apps for reading instruction.

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