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This Girl Can

This Girl Can

by Dominic Dewey -
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Post on behalf of Jo Dawson

This Girl Can is a campaign aimed at getting women and girls exercising more in the UK. In September, Freya, Anna and Karys (Level 3 Sports students) became This Girl Can student ambassadors and have set-up two new sports clubs for girls.

This month, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we will be holding a day of taster sessions and workshops for female students and staff. This HRC Girl Can will be on Thursday 28th March from 10am- 3pm, all in the Sports Centre.

The sports hall will have Netball, Football and Trampolining on offer. There will Yoga and Pilates sessions as well. Plus, there will be a charity collection, female empowerment talks and the opportunity to make and eat some healthy treats!

To find out more, or if you want to help on the day, please speak to Jo or Jamie in Student Enrichment office (next to the refectory)