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£100 for 100%

£100 for 100%

by Dominic Dewey -
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Dear Student 

£100 for 100% Attendance and Punctuality Competition

We are inviting you to take place in our £100 for 100% attendance and punctuality competition which will run from Monday 29th January until 7th February 2018.

All full time students who have 100% attendance and punctuality during this period, will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win £100. Therefore you do not need to do anything apart from attend all of your lessons and be on time!

To qualify for the prize draw, you will have to attend all of your vocational sessions, personal tutorial and English and Maths lessons that are on your timetable.

The winner of the £100 for 100% competition will be announced after the February half term break.

Look out for other competitions linked to attendance, which will take place during the rest of the year.

Good luck!