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2017/18 Student Governor Applications are now open

2017/18 Student Governor Applications are now open

by Mark Deeks -
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Q – What is a Governor?

The Governing Body of the college sets and reviews the College’s aims, objectives and policies. They serve on what is called the Corporation.

The Corporation of the college is an independent legal body which comprises people who are drawn mainly from business and the local community, along with representatives of staff and students at the college, and the Principal. The learner perspective on these matters is vital, and this is what a Student Governor would bring.

The Governing Body comprises of 16 members, two of which are student governors. Unless they are also employed by the College, all students are eligible to apply, be they full time, part time, HE, or whatever else.

We are looking for two Student Governors - one from each campus.

Q - What would I have to do?

The duties of this position involve attending meetings of the Governing Body and one of its Committees in order to provide the learner perspective. There are five Governor meetings throughout the year. You will also chair the Student Council meetings for your campus.

Training for the role is provided, both on appointment and continued throughout your term.

Q - What should I offer?

The most important qualities needed in Student Governors are: 
  • an understanding of the issues facing students, 
  • the ability to communicate clearly and with confidence 
  • good reading and comprehension skills. 

Q – How much time would I need to commit?

There are five scheduled meetings of the Corporation per year. Attendance is hugely important.

There are also the various Committees (which do a lot of the detailed work) on which Governors sit. As a Student Governor, you will be seated on at least one. You will learn about this further in training.

Student Governors are on the board of the Corporation for a maximum of one year only.

Q – What might I get from this?

This is a big responsibility! Governors have legal status and are essentially at the very top of the college. To be a Student Governor is a big responsibility, but also a huge honour. You will learn many things, significantly develop your inter-personal and employability skills, and get a big CV boost. An enormous CV boost, even. You will also get the most direct opportunity possible to make decision that will change the learner experience and student life, for your year group and for future years.

Q - I am interested - what do I do now?

If you wish to put your name forward for one of the student governor vacancies, please send an email expressing your interest, together with a brief manifesto, to:

Phil Line, Student Services Manager:

Your manifesto should contain your thoughts on how to develop HRC going forward. If you want help and advice on making one, speak to your Student Liaison Officers – Mark Deeks at Ware, or Jo Barnas at Broxbourne.

Applications close on 26th May 2017. On the week beginning 5th June, applicants will be invited to a small meeting to talk through what the job entails, so we are sure you know what is required. The chosen candidates will then have a week to campaign – the Student Governors will be chosen by fellow students, so you’ll need to campaign to them and tell them why you will be the best choice for them.

And then on 16th June, we will hold a ballot box election. There will also be voting set up via Moodle. One person, one vote – democracy in action. #britishvalues

Good luck!

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