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Student Services Moodle now has a lot more stuff on it

Student Services Moodle now has a lot more stuff on it

by Mark Deeks -
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New Student Services Moodle

In Student Services, we are here to help you get the most out of your time at HRC. We are a team of people dedicated to making your college experience as enjoyable and productive as possible.

There is therefore an awful lot of information to be shared about an awful lot of services, and with this in mind, we have expanded and upgraded our part of Moodle. Take a look around our new Enrichment and Citizenship and Community hubs.

New areas include:

Upcoming sections include:

  • A list of places, both local and national, at which students can get discounts.
  • A section for information on worthwhile life skills
  • Community information; a lot of information about various clubs, teams, community projects and the like that students can get engaged in.

We will continue to work on these unfinished bits and notify you when they are complete.

REMEMBER - the whole point of Student Services, and Enrichment especially, is to make your time at college more fun and more worthwhile. The more you put in, the more you get out. College life is what you make it - take part today.

- Student Services


What is Enrichment?- What's New? - Sports - Clubs and Societies - Extra Qualifications - Skills Marketplace - The Daily Mile - National Days and Weeks

Welfare and Counselling

Welfare and Advice - Counselling - Sexual Health Advice

Learner Voice

Citizenship @ Community

Volunteering - In the community - Money Saving - Life Skills - Jobs - British Values


Financial Support - Learning Support - A-Z of Student Guides - Information Centre & Reception - Request a Car Park pass