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Sexual Health Clinic Surveys

Sexual Health Clinic Surveys

by Mark Deeks -
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(FAO aged 14-25 learners)

Sexual Health Clinics Survey

Dear students,

As you may have been aware, for the past five months, Sexual Health Hertfordshire we have hosted Sexual Health and Contraception Clinics within HRC, on both the Ware and Broxbourne campuses.

We are currently reviewing these services. So that we may better improve the services we are offering to you, it would be appreciated if you could take the time to complete the following survey so that we may better improve the quality of these services. 

(Or you can use the following hyperlink for use on your mobile or tablet devices --

The results of this survey are 100% anonymous and confidential.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you in advance for your participation,

Warmest regards,

Sexual Health Hertfordshire


Mark Deeks or Denise Cable (Ware)
Jo Barnas (Broxbourne)