Office 365

You can now reset or change your password from outside the college.

However, you will first need to set-up your security questions.

To find out how to do this, please view this guide

              Click here to log in

How do I log in? / What's my student email address?
Please use the link to the left to get to Office 365.
Once there, if you are logged into a college PC using Internet Explorer, you should be automatically signed in.
If you are at home or using another browser (e.g. Chrome), you will need to log in with:

Your student email address: This is your usual College username followed by (e.g.

Your password: this is the normal password you log onto College PCs or Moodle with.

What do I need to know about Office 365?

Hertford Regional College is pleased to announce the launch of Microsoft’s Office 365 as the College's new student email, online storage system and more.

All current students now have an Office 365 account. That means you get:

  • Online Email (Outlook)
  • Online Storage (OneDrive) - you can store a whopping terabyte of files in the cloud!
  • Online Office - Create and edit Word and other Office files from OneDrive
  • Free apps for your smartphone!
  • Free full versions of Office software to download on your home PC!

I use a Mac. Can I still get Office for free?

Yes, you can download Office 2016 for Mac from home onto your own Mac from your Office 365 home page.

How do i forward my college emails to my personal email address?

Logging into Office 365

How can I learn more about Office 365?

Once you're logged into Office 365, you can click on the icon at the top left of the screen to find out more.

365 icon - you'll find it at top left of the screen when you're logged into Office 365

Here's what you can expect to see in...

Outlook (email)

Outlook basics

OneDrive (storage and on-line Office apps)

onedrive basics

Important note: when you click to view an Office file that's in your OneDrive it opens in the on-line app.
To download the file to edit it in the full version of the Office program, e.g. Word, click the three dots then 'edit'.

picture showing how to open a file in the full version of Word

Free mobile apps you say?

Yes. The Office 365 package gives every HRC student the ability to download free apps on their Home PC or Mac, Smartphone or Tablet.

Apps included:

Office 2016 - includes Word/Excel/Powerpoint
OneNote - Note-taking software
OneDrive - To access your one Terabyte of cloud storage from anywhere
Outlook Web App - Read your college emails on the go

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