ProMonitor: the new ILP (Individual Learning Plan) at HRC

ProMonitor is the new system for tracking learner interaction and progress at HRC. It replaces the ILP section of Moodle (and much more!) and it is being launched in phases.The key phases are listed at the bottom of this page.

....or use the test system to experiment and gain confidence with the system.


Guide: Finding and adding yourself to a student group

Guide: Probation Review meetings (new)

Guide: The new Learner Profile

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ProMonitor and the ILP process 
Above is a video from the CPD session 25th November which describes how ProMonitor is used within the ILP process. You can download a high quality version of the flow diagram here.

User Guides (essential reading) 

To save or print these guides, click on a link below. Alternatively, watch one of the video screencasts below the guides section.
Click here to download all guides in one document

#0: Overview of the Dashboard

#1: Checking and updating Risk Indicators

#2: Changing Overall RAG

#3: Subject Reports

#4: SMART Targets (ad-hoc)

#5: Comments

#6: Meetings (how to set up a One-to-One or Progress Review)

Video User Guides 

These videos are available to view outside College. 

One to Ones: how to create and write up
(includes setting overall RAG and SMART Target) 

Click here to see the video in full-screen

Subject Reports: how to add
(includes setting a SMART Target)

Setting up and completing a Progress Review meeting

ProMonitor feature rollout schedule 

  • From 4th November, course teams check/update Risk Indicators for their student groups.
  • From 4th January 2016, all One to Ones (inc. overall RAG setting) are carried out in ProMonitor
  • From 25th January, Subject Reports are written in ProMonitor
  • From 8th February (Review Week), Progress Reviews are written in ProMonitor
    ...and 'ProPortal' launched for students

Where can I get help?

Read the guides, watch the screencasts, come to a wed pm surgery session.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of ProMonitor, please get in touch:

Training and support carried out to date.

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