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Student CPD Day - 19th October

Student CPD Day - 19th October

by Mark Deeks -
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Student CPD Day

A new scheme we are introducing at HRC this year is the concept of a Student CPD Day [Continuing/Continuous Professional Development]. The first one is nearly upon us!

CPD Day is designed to help you improve key employability skills and stand out from the crowd, as well as support you in becoming independent professionals. These days will be a series of workshops for you to develop your professional, personal and employability skills. There will also be a marketplace of services to explore, related to careers, CV enhancement and further development.

The date of the first Student CPD Day is Wednesday October 19th.

On this day, classes will be collapsed, and all full time students will be required to attend.

Your tutors will book your workshops for you for the day - talk to them about what you want! View the programmes below (click to download).

Enjoy it! Remember, we are here to make your time at HRC more fun and more worthwhile.

- Student Services

Broxbourne Programme (click to download)


Ware Programme (click to download)