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Learning Centre (LC)- 'Book of the Week'

Learning Centre (LC)- 'Book of the Week'

by Richard Scott -
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  • Designed for the needs of the Entry 3/Level 1 learner in full colour, with a spread-based approach, and topics broken into clear, bite-sized chunks to retain learners’ attention.
  • Lively activities, mini case studies and clear checklists and summaries help learners engage with - and remember - content.


  • Extensive coverage with 11 Level 1 units – enough for a Diploma – and 3 Entry Level 3 units – enough for an Award, so learners can be confident they have the content they need to achieve their qualification.
  • Edexcel’s own Assignment tips, written by BTEC experts, help learners to achieve their potential in assessments.
  • Activities mapped to the assessment criteria in each unit, provide support and clear direction for learners, helping them to work towards the criteria.


  • Prepares learners for employment with a focus on employability skills and definitions of key terms.
  • Helps learners progress to BTEC Level 2 First by building their confidence with the style of BTEC qualifications.

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