Welcome to Financial Support

Welcome to Financial Support

The Financial Support site on Moodle has been created to help share up-to-date Financial Support Information which may be applicable to you as a student attending HRC.

Where are we?

The Financial Support Team is located within the Information Centre, next to the Main Reception area of both the Broxbourne & Ware Campus. You can come and see us during opening times, contact us directly by email on financialsupport@hrc.ac.uk or call us on 01992 411411.

What do we do?

The Team is here to support students with up-to-date financial support information, impartial advice & guidance to support students who may have a financial barrier to coming to college. There are several funds, Government schemes, Bursaries & Charitable Trusts available that students may be entitled to apply for.

How can we help?

We may be able to help students with support towards the costs of:

o Travel to college

o Essential kit & course related materials

o Books & Equipment

o Educational Trips

o Childcare Funding

o Free College Meals 

for students aged 16 -18 on a Means Tested Household Income (MTB) or Household Income below the stated criteria attached. 
Please note all funding is subject to availability at the time of application and funding is not guaranteed.

See the overview of the financial support schemes available. 

Students' Household Income does not have to be benefit related to receive support. We have a Hardship Fund available to students facing difficult financial situations whilst studying at college; we will make an assessment based on individual personal circumstances.

Financial support is available subject to Funding availability at the time of application and is for enrolled learners on eligible courses, for students who meet the Financial Support criteria.

The team can offer information and advice to all students on the various travel schemes covering Hertfordshire, Essex, Enfield & London Boroughs. See the travel information and travel routes guides.

If you have any further questions about Financial Support, or you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

To apply to the 16-18 Bursary, guaranteed 16 -18 Vulnerable Bursary (for students In- care / Care Leaver), 19+ Bursary & Advanced Loans Bursary, please collect an Application & Guidance form from the Financial Support Advisors based in the Information Centre. (Students under 18 Years will require a Parent or Guardian to sign the application form and submit the relevant Household Income evidence required. The guidance sheet provides a step by step guide to help with completing the application form correctly & how to return the form to the Financial Support Team).

How students can apply for Childcare Funding

Students 20+ & Advanced Loans Bursary Students – Application forms are available from the Financial Support Advisors – a full guidance for completing the form can be found on the front page of the application form. 

Childcare Funding for Students aged 16-19 as at the 31st August 2015 are required to complete the online 'Care to Learn’ application found on www.gov.uk/care-to-learn

Any questions? Need more info?

If you have any further questions regarding Financial Support or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Team.

Please find some additional links below for information and services that may support your individual needs.






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