Privacy - Your data in Moodle

Moodle contains data for all of HRC's students.

This data is not shared with any third parties and is used purely for educational purposes.

What data is stored and who can see it?:

  • Pictures
    - Your College ID photo has been added to your Moodle profile.
    - You are free to remove or change your photo to whatever you like as long as it is appropriate. Click here for instructions
    - Want to use a plain profile picture like the one below? Right click on it and click 'save image as..'

  • Email addresses
    - You are no longer able to change your College email address to your personal email address in your Moodle profile.
    - This means that your college emails will always be backed up on Microsoft's servers.
    - You can still automatically forward your college emails to your personal email address! Click here for instructions

  • Mobile Number
    - When you start at HRC, your mobile number is put into Moodle, so that your teacher can send you text messages through the MoodleMobile feature.
    - Only you and the teachers on your Moodle course can ever see your phone number.
    - You are able to update your phone number by submitting a change request under the 'Information' tab on ProPortal.

  • Messaging
    - Instant messaging is a feature available on Moodle.
    - You should only send messages to people you know and trust.
    - All messages are stored and can be viewed by HRC's Moodle admins.

Please check this page for information on staying safe online

Last modified: Monday, 26 September 2016, 10:45 AM