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BKSB Live is the official tool used by HRC students for Initial and Diagnostic Assessments (and learning materials).

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BKSB Guides for 2017

  • Students:

  • Teachers:

    • (Please also read the student guide/s above)
    • Please watch Video about Interface upgrade
    • Guide: Facilitating Diagnostic Assessments
      This is usually done in 
      weeks 1 & 2 for full-time students.
      Guide includes overriding a student's working level so they can take a diagnostic at a more appropriate level

    • Guide: How do groups work... and why can't I see my groups?
      Groups are set up for both English and Maths register and for main vocational course code.
      Groups are not attached to teachers automatically; you have to search for a group and add it to your BKSB homepage.

    • Guide: Looking at a student's BKSB activity
      Everything a student does in BKSB is tracked - even if they finish half-way through an assessment. From your homepage...
      Click User > (then search for the student) > View Profile > (then scroll down to the Recent Activity box).
      Click View All in the Recent Activity box, for the option to see incomplete attempts.

    • Reporting by group
      • Guide: How do I know if my students have taken BKSB assessments?
      • Guide: How do I know what they got in their English or maths Diagnostics?

* The content below is currently being updated *

  • Provided you have 'tutor' access to BKSB Live, you can search for Initial and Diagnostic Assessment results in BKSB Live. 
  • See instructions on staff access to BKSB
    See instructions on how to run Initial or Diagnostic Assessment reports.
    (Students are automatically grouped by course code as soon as they log in to BKSB after enrolment. E&M register code will not be available till week 3)
  • BKSB Accounts are generated at login automatically for all applicants, learners or enquiries, i.e. if an individual's details are in Prosolution, they can get into BKSB.

  • Login is always student/applicant number (or staff username). 
    Initial password for ALL USERS is: password (you are then asked to change it)

  • New vs. Continuing students 
    See the BKSB process diagram.
    See also important information about returning learners in 2016-17.

  • Retaking a Diagnostic Assessment 
    The expectation is that continuing learners will take the Diagnostic one level up from last year's Diagnostic. However, if a learner has not made an expected one level of progress in a year, they can retake a Diagnostic. Here's how.

Science students only:
If you have been asked to use a tool called Diagnostic Question, please click the button below. Your tutor will provide you with a login for the system. 

Learning Styles

Complete the VARK survey to find your preferred learning style.


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