Hertford Regional College
Staff and Student Travel Survey 2014

Hertford Regional College is endeavouring to reduce the overall environmental impact from all activities and is updating the Green Travel Plan. In order to do this the College needs to gain a better understanding of the different methods of travel to the College and the reasons for choosing these travel options. Please help us by completing this survey:

  Please select whether you are a student or a member of staff
  Please select your Programme Area (Please check with your tutor if you are unsure)
  Please select your area
  Which site do you mainly travel to?
  Do you attend college on a full time or part time basis?
  When do you attend college?
  What is your age?
  What is your gender?
  Where do you live?
  How do you get to College? Please select all that apply
  Do you travel to college by your preferred method of transport?
  Please state which would be your preferred method of transport?
  What is the normal cost for your weekly travel?
  How long does it take you to get to college?
  Do you have a 16+ Oyster Card?
  Do you have a Hertfordshire Savercard?
  Do you have an Arriva Bus Pass?
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